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Artistry in beautiful flowers for every occasion

Welcome to the wonderful world of flowers

Flowers appeal to so many of our senses all at once, their colour and beauty touch our sight, their scent infuses our brain with pleasant sensations, while their texture brings pleasure to both our eyes and hands. Floral arrangements take these sensations one step further by creating an unexpected surprise of beauty and intensity.


Flowers are a wonderful way to express your personality and create a mood, from party time to romantic, by using different blooms, shades and styles. They can leave a lasting and special memory for you and your guests.

In my arrangements I strive to send a flower filled message of love or passion, the beauty of elegance, or the excitement of nature and wilderness. Being passionate about flowers, all my work is inspired by nature and how things grow naturally. This comes out in my unique arrangements.

Great pride is taken to create just what you have in mind for the big day, working closely together to bring a vision to life.


Having gathered many years experience being the in house florist at Picton Castle, where I have recently had the honour to produce flower arrangements for the visit of her Majesty the Queen to the Castle in May 2014.

I have also had the opportunity to work at the Grand Theatre Swansea , Operas at Lampter House, dressing Craig-y-Nos Castle for Christmas, private dinner parties, wedding anniversaries, large corporate events and charity dinners.